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Bohena’s patented wheels boost pallet truck efficiency

Järfälla, Sweden
Wednesday, 21 Apr 2010
Sten-Anders Fellman
A privately owned distributor for warehousing products claims its patented wheels can greatly increase a pallet truck’s manoevrability. 

Bohena AB, the sole agent in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South America for the US-made Turn@bout pallet truck adapter, says the product that it started distributing in March is already saving employers time and money. 

Bohena owner and operator Sten-Anders Fellman tells News that the adapter consists of two wheels that are mounted onto a pallet truck to enable it to rotate freely on the spot. 

"The inventor, Fred Hartmann, thought there had to be a better way to use an empty pallet jack. [It’s] hard to use in tight areas," Fellman says. "[He] came up with the concept six years ago and has tested many prototypes. 

"The usual turning radius of a pallet jack now becomes a turning diameter – that’s a 72% increase in maneouvrability. No more heavy lifting, kicking or wrestling the pallet truck into position." 

The Turn@bout adapter consists of two wheels that are mounted onto a pallet truck to enable it to rotate freely on the spot.
He explains that pallet trucks that are fitted with the wheels have saved time and money through simplifying the handling of the truck and, therefore, resulting in less damaged goods and protecting employees from backaches and work-related injuries. The usability of space in a cramped warehouse is also expected to increase by using a more maneouvrable pallet truck. 

Darin N Johnson, a warehouse manager in the US who posted a testimonial on the Turn@bout website, says the adapter "makes getting into small spaces a breeze". 

Beth Naslund from Minnesota, US-based Townsend Pricing Inc, says in her online testimonial that the Turn@bout has increased warehouse productivity for her company. "It has allowed us to use more of our warehouse for products rather than [for] turning our products around." 

Bohena AB sells the adapter in South America under the Gir@libre name. The product, manufactured by Grand Steer Inc of Thief River Falls in Minnesota, US,  holds three US patents and has patents pending in other countries. 

Click here to view the pallet truck adapter in action.
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